Vesicle dynamics

Vesicle stretching and non-linear dynamics in flow

Understanding the dynamics of membrane-bound capsules and vesicles is a crucial step for developing effective delivery agents and long-term stability of personal care products. Our group has directly studied the conformational dynamics of lipid vesicles using fluorescence microscopy and a new technique called the Stokes trap. For the first time, we identified new modes of vesicle shape relaxation for highly deformed vesicles in the nonlinear regime. Our work continues to explore vesicle mechanical properties by directly observing vesicle conformations and shape dynamics in flow such as vesicle wrinkling and buckling. Our group developed a new method called the Strokes trap that relies on automated flow control to observe the shape dynamics under precise flow conditions.

Selected publications:
1. Dinesh Kumar, Channing M. Richter, and Charles Schroeder, “Conformational dynamics and phase behavior of lipid vesicles in a precisely controlled extensional flow”, Soft Matter, 16, 337-347 (2020).
2. Dinesh Kumar, Channing M. Richter, and Charles Schroeder, “Double-mode relaxation of highly deformed vesicles”, Physical Review E, 102, 010605R (2020).